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Watch Dogs: Legion Character Creation | How to Customize

Character Creation

Watch Dogs: Legion offers a fully fleshed out story in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs world. Set in London, you play as quite literally anyone on the fields. This can change the playing field, since the story doesn’t have to be firmly held onto by a single character. That being said, there is a character creation feature for your horde of characters, if you so choose. Admittedly, it takes a bit of looking to find!

How does Character Creation Work in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Because you need to have such a varied cast of Operatives, character creation in Watch Dogs: Legion works differently than in most games. When you have control of the character you wish to change, go to the wardrobe. These are red, futuristic lockers that you can find in important buildings. This will enter a customization screen that will allow you to change basic clothing and even put on masks.

Because you can play as “anyone,” you aren’t going to be able to change actual features of the character. Hopefully, you can find someone that you like the look of and customize them at your leisure.

Don’t get too attached! While you can customize a character however you want, the character can still die permanently when they run out of health (if permadeath is on.) So your heavily customized character might not live long if you’re not too careful!

They don’t steal the clothes permanently, thankfully. Any character you bring to a wardrobe will be able to have the same costume on, if that’s your preference. Alternatively, you can make your whole squad differently clothed. The fashion world is your oyster!

While it is unfortunate that we can’t even change hair styles, this is likely the point. We’re supposed to have a ton of diverse people that are unique in at least some ways. And as fun as character creation is, nobody would want to do it for the entire freedom-loving population of London!

Written by Andrew Smith