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Watch Dogs: Legion DLC Plans | Upcoming Content Roadmap

DLC plans

Watch Dogs: Legion has launched in a somewhat stable place… For most consoles, anyway (sorry Xbox users). Even so, the game is stellar, but like most modern titles, the experience is an ever-evolving entity. With the season pass in mind, and the knowledge that the game is likely to receive more patches, one must think – what are Ubisoft’s DLC plans for this game? Check out the details before you pick up the season pass!

What are the DLC Plans for Watch Dogs: Legion?

At the current moment, Legion has plans for two story expansions and four unique characters as DLC. These come with the Season Pass, though they are not quite in the game yet. We know a little bit about the first expansion: You’ll play as Aiden Pierce (from Watch Dogs 1) doing something. We also know that we will get Aiden, Wrench (Watch Dogs 2), Darcy (Assassin’s Creed), and Mina, who is brand-new.

Ubisoft hasn’t much information about these story expansions yet. However, if you love Legion, then these expansions will offer you just a little bit more of this game. Which is a good thing! Of course, it requires that you purchase the Season Pass rather than individual DLC batches. If you want to wait to see the expansions announced before making a decision, we can’t blame you.

These two expansions and four characters are slated to come out sometime in 2021. To keep us sated until then, we’re getting a ton of free content updates, including the online mode of Legion. Online promises some PvP and co-op missions, so you can play with your friends however you want to the most. We know about the returning Invasion mode, where you hack another person’s world, as well as a new Spiderbot Arena, which should be pretty fun to mess around with. However, these modes are going to take a while to develop. For now, it’s best to explore the single-player campaign while you wait.

Written by Andrew Smith