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Watch Dogs: Legion Golden King Pack | How to Redeem

Watch Dogs: Legion Golden King Pack

If you pre-ordered Watch Dogs: Legionthen you’re likely aware that you’ll receive the Golden King Pack with your purchase. This will give players access to a golden mask, a car skin, and a weapon skin, which will be exclusive to those that pre-purchased the game. So, if you’ve got the code, how do you redeem the Golden King Pack?

How to Redeem the Golden King Pack in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Golden King Pack

To redeem the Golden King Pack, you’ll simply need to follow a few simple steps listed below. When completed, you’ll receive the items next time you load up the game.

  1. Enter your code on the Ubisoft website and login into your account
  2. Select the platform you’ll be playing the game on
  3. Check your email for confirmation of a valid code

When you’ve done this, you’ll receive all the items in the pack at launch of the game. If you’re reading this before release, you can enter the code now to have your items on day one. Alternatively, you can wait until you’ve downloaded the game to enter the code and get the items, as long as you pre-ordered Watch Dogs: Legion.

As you can see in the image above, the Golden King Pack includes three gold items — the Uneasy Lies Mask, Serpent Sisters Weapon Skin, and the Lux Car Skin. The only way to get these items is by pre-purchasing the game ahead of its October 29, 2020 release. If you’re reading this past that date, I’m afraid it’ll be too late to get the items.

In addition to all of this, pre-purchasing the game from select retailers will also include the Emerald Guard Mask. If you have a code for that, simply follow the same instructions above to get the mask.

Now that you’ve got your free items, you’re officially ready to join the resistance.

Written by Andrew Smith