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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to Recruit Operatives

Watch Dogs: Legion How to Recruit Operatives

If you’ve been keeping up with the development of Watch Dogs: Legionyou may be aware that it allows you to “play as anyone” as you make your way through London and join the resistance. If you’re not aware, basically, you can recruit anyone off the street to join DedSec — from young adults to grandmas. At first, it can be tough to figure out how to recruit Operatives, but we’ve got you covered!

How to Recruit Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion How to Recruit Operatives

To recruit an Operative, simply walk up to someone and interact with them. When you get close to them, there will be a message on your screen that says “Start Recruitment,” followed by a controller/keyboard command. Simply press that button to begin the process.

Basically, your character will talk with them and figure out what’s going on in their life and look for an angle on how to recruit them as an Operative. For example, maybe they feel like they were unjustly fired from their government job. That’s the perfect angle. Your character will then offer to help them uncover the truth and in the process will pitch them on joining DedSec. Whenever you complete their mission, you’ll have recruited a new Operative for the resistance!

To work on the potential recruit’s mission, simply pause the game and go to the missions tab. Within the screen, you’ll see a mission-specific to that character, which you can select to begin tracking. Now all that’s left to do is follow the prompts and uncover the truth. When that’s done, you’ll have a new team member with a new set of skills.

It’s important to mention here that every recruit is going to be a little bit different. They will have a different story and different skills. If you’re picky about your team, you can see what kind of skills and abilities they have before you begin recruiting the Operative by hovering over them with your cursor. Just remember, the resistance can use anyone!

Now that you know how to recruit Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s time to get to work!

Written by Andrew Smith