Watch This Hilarious Review of a $5 ‘Gaming’ Mouse from Dollar Tree

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Did you know you can buy “premium” electronics at Dollar Tree? Me either.

From knock-off Airpods to computer peripherals, Dollar Tree has their own line of tech products marketed under the brand 2Boom.

But are they any good? That’s what YouTube user Beowulf set out to discover. He purchased the $5 gaming mouse from DollarTree and took it home to test it.

The DollarTree Gaming Mouse Review

He starts out noting that DollarTree is getting a little out of its depth as a retailer for $1 products with an “expensive” $5 mouse. “I think I got scammed, because I paid five dollars for this from Dollar Tree,” he said.

The review continues with an unboxing scene worthy of only a DollarTree product.

He was genuinely surprised it came with LED lighting effects, so he plugged into into the computer to test it out. While the lights were pretty dim, they “got the job done.” Perhaps what you would expect for a fancy mouse from a dollar store.

The reviewer then subjected the mouse to an “intense” gaming session before declaring his final verdict. “It is pretty light, but not for good reason,” he said, tossing it over his head. While the video leaves us guessing, it seems pretty clear that one drop on the floor would shatter the cheap plastic mouse into pieces.

Other Dollar Tree “Tech” Products

A little research into Dollar Tree’s website revealed their other tech products. Some of them made sense, like USB-C charging cables or a glass screen protector for $1.25, although according to the website you can only buy them in packages of 24.

Some other products, like a fake security camera (yes, the product actually says it’s a fake) left us scratching our heads.

If you jump up to the “premium” $5 price point, you can get a portable Bluetooth speaker or the infamous gaming mouse.

Need more DollarTree tech reviews? Here’s another video of the DollarTree “Airpods” for your viewing pleasure:


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