Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch

From entrancing originals to beloved classics, the list of shows to watch on Netflix feels countless. We are presenting our list of some of the 20 best shows to binge on Netflix.

Puberty is an awful time in everyone’s life. It’s only natural we look back at it and derive the humor from those awkward years. That’s what Big Mouth does, using raging hormones to create plenty of big laughs.


The fact that we only got two seasons of Mindhunter proves why we can’t always have nice things. David Fincher’s series is a fantastic glimpse into the psychological world of criminal profiling. It blends the worlds of true crime and fiction effortlessly, anchored by gripping dialogue and the sharp focus Fincher is known for.


Arrested Development’s strength as a comedy becomes obvious on multiple viewings. Not only do the jokes you miss due to their rapid-fire nature stand out, but so do the constant breadcrumbs the original three seasons lay.


Focusing on the events that pre-date the video game trilogy, Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation is peak fantasy entertainment. Henry Cavill was made to play Geralt of Rivia and completely nails the role with his performance.


Few shows are as honest, brutal, and upfront as Squid Game; this isn’t a series for the faint of heart. Yet its social commentary lands at the perfect time during both the COVID-19 pandemic and Great Resignation.


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