Best Shows to Binge on Netflix

Stranger Things celebrates 1980s culture. It's a fantastic ode to Stephen King and 80s horror/sci-fi. The audio, images, narration, and narrative themes form a captivating package.


Focusing on the events that pre-date the video game trilogy, Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation is peak fantasy entertainment. Henry Cavill was made to play Geralt of Rivia and completely nails the role with his performance.


The performance of Bryan Cranston as Walter White is incredibly captivating; he commands the screen even when he’s not participating in a scene.


Comarpsions to You and Dexter are inevitable. Both feature a protagonist who acts as the series’ narrator. Both leads are charming, handsome, and beyond charismatic. Most importantly, both are serial killers.


The David Chang documentary is an easy choice as one of the best shows to watch on Netflix. Of course, I love everything about food, so I’m a little biased here. Still, food isn’t the sole star of the show here.


Umbrella Academy successfully balances character development with superhero moments. Even the strongest people have flaws and tragedy to deal with. Umbrella Academy is the only media work to successfully explore these subjects.


Few shows are as honest, brutal, and upfront as Squid Game; this isn’t a series for the faint of heart. Yet its social commentary lands at the perfect time during both the COVID-19 pandemic and Great Resignation.


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