Halo Infinite Drop Pod for August Update Brings Quality of Life Updates

Multiple Blue Rings

INSTALL SIZE – Update only (all platforms): approximately 2.0 GB or less.


PATCH NOTES NEW FEATURES – Added support for cross-core visors for ALL cores – Challenges are now available to view in the “Pause” menu during gameplay. As of now, challenges will NOT live track, but work is being done to add this in the future

MULTIPLAYER – The volume of a nearby player’s shield recharging has been lowered, especially when the recharging player is out of the line of sight. – Choppers will no longer continue boosting after being disabled by a Dynamo Grenade’s EMP effect.

MENUS – The fourth Challenge slot will now always be enabled when a Premium Battle Pass is equipped. – Visor colors will now appear correctly when using the following helmet and attachment combinations:Cambion helmet with the UA/Februus attachment AKIS II-GRD helmet with the TAS/Lantifrid attachment

BALANCE CHANGES Grappleshot – To maintain multiplayer balance, players will no longer be able to exit a vehicle to cancel an enemy’s GrapplejackA

Light and Medium Vehicles – Non-tank vehicles, such as the Ghost or Warthog, are now more resistant to small arms fire. All of these changes apply to Multiplayer and a few apply to Campaign as well. See the Developer Notes for a full breakdown of the changes in each mode.

Warthog – The Warthog can now be knocked around more easily by players using weapons such as the M41 SPNKR or the Repulsor Equipment.

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