Boyfriend Dungeon’s Tanya X. Short Dishes the Spicy Details on Your Newest Sword Crushes

Tanya X. Short: What a journey! The pandemic caused some obstacles, but Boyfriend Dungeon is coming up on a year! We're excited to see what players think; beta feedback for Secret Weapons was positive. It will be energizing to see people enjoy our effort for over a year.


BLG: So these characters have been in the works for a while. Were the beta tests just with like internal testers, or did you have any fans give them a whirl?

TXS: Yes! We sent a dozen keys to core community fans. We have 100 signups but only 100 keys. That's the feedback I mean. When a player exclaims, "That was wonderful!" we're encouraged.

BLG: I was wondering how they all fit into like the existing narrative. I gotta imagine it’s a unique challenge adding additional characters onto something that’s already pre-established as a story.


TXS: Mm-Hmm! We added one extra plot point to the existing Boyfriend Dungeon plotline. You can boot up an old save file to access that tale branch. Your cousin Jesse gets married. By the time this comes out, it won't be a spoiler anymore.

My challenge is preventing my characters from sounding alike. Everyone's too polite. I remember there was an early draft, a couple years before launch, where I looked at all the characters, and I was like, “well, I do like them all, but they all sort of sound like the same person.” And so I had to go in there and, and put a few rough edges.


She helped Valeria feel like herself, not like a woman. With Leah, the hammer, I hope the contrasts between them are apparent, and neither is Aerith or Tifa.

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