Set Down That Mountain Dew, How Gamers Stay Healthy While Gaming

According to estimates, gamers spend almost nine hours a week playing video games. As a result, gamers are more prone to various health issues and vitamin shortages, such as arm strain from holding gaming controllers or lack of vitamin D from spending too much time indoors gaming.

The experts at SolitaireBliss have created a list of benefits that avid gamers could see from taking vitamins and supplements. These benefits range from heightened performance levels to staying safe and healthy, all while remaining at the top of the leaderboard.

Taking the right vitamins not only helps improve a gamer’s mood but can also increase concentration and provide more energy. This is especially important after spending extended periods looking at a screen.

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Vitamins for Gamers

Gamers spend a majority of their time indoors playing games and may not get enough natural sunlight. Even though sitting by a window does let in some sun rays, it’s not the same as getting direct sunlight on your skin.

Typical issues that gamers face


Sleep deprivation is a common physical ailment, and while gamers' resolve is important, staying up all night to game can lead to extreme fatigue. Sleep deprivation can induce slower reaction times, disorientation, and impaired hand-eye coordination.


Because they use the same muscles and postures for long periods, gamers are more prone to strains and joint pain. Many athletes develop tendonitis and arthritis, limiting their careers. Gamers should take vitamins and supplements to reduce dangers.


One of the most important aspects of being a good player is to see the game clearly and stare at blue light for lengthy periods. Eye strain is an issue that gamers frequently experience, and if ignored, it can have a detrimental impact on your eyes.


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