Weta Workshop Is Working on a \”Major Worldwide Ip\”

Weta Workshop is Working on a "Major Worldwide IP"

Weta Workshop, the special effects house behind the acclaimed Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, is developing a new game.

A job posting on their site indicates that they’re looking for a Game Producer to help with development. The role will help deliver their next PC and console project. Per the posting, it will deal with “a major worldwide IP that is very close to our hearts.”

On Facebook, an addititional posting calls their next release on PC (no mention of console): “an incredibly rich and inspiring license that will fill fans and players around the world with delight.”

Out of all open jobs available at Weta Workshop, this is the only one pertaining to game development.

Past games developed by Weta aren’t household names, so this is a big step for the company.

In terms of which IP they’re talking about, the obvious one that comes to mind is Lord of the Rings. It’s possible it could tie into the upcoming Amazon TV show, but that’s pure speculation.

Of note, Unity bought the studio earlier this year. Unity’s CEO, for those unaware, is John Riccitiello, who previously held the same title at Electronic Arts.

It’s important to note that in 2020, Weta Workshop underwent an investigation regarding toxicity and sexism in their workplace.


Written by Jake Valentine

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