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What Is the Mortal Shell Physical Release Date?

Mortal Shell Physical Release Date

In mid-summer, Mortal Shell developer Cold Symmetry announced that its game would be getting a physical release on October 2. We are now twenty days past that official message, and we now know how far it’s been pushed back. So, if you were looking forwards to having a disc version of Mortal Shell, then your wait is nearly over… But, we are still not quite to the breaking point. So, when is the Mortal Shell physical release date?

Mortal Shell Physical Release Date

The physical release of Mortal Shell is set for October 23 in Europe on Playstation and PC and October 30 for Xbox One. North America will finally get their editions of the console physical releases on November 3, 2020.

The delay is likely due to how difficult global distribution is during the COVID-19 pandemic. Publisher Playstack has been competent enough with past releases that it is quite likely that we will be getting our physical copies soon. Of course, being a London-based producer means Europe is getting their copies a little earlier than across the pond.

Perfectly timed with the Autumn update to Mortal Shell, you may preorder physical copies at most retailers right now if you so choose. Otherwise, digital stores still have Mortal Shell and will continue to sell the game digitally after the physical release comes out.

If you are waiting for your copy of Mortal Shell physical release but still have the game downloaded, check out the Rotten Autumn update. This free update is admittedly more cosmetic than content-oriented, but it adds some new shades and a photo-mode. So, if you want to take pictures of your grim surroundings, now is the perfect time!

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Written by Andrew Smith