When Is Babylon’s Fall’s Demo Coming to Playstation and PC?

Babylon's Fall

Babylon’s Failure to Be Sensible

Remember when demos used to just release before a game and came out on a disc? Well, get ready for some corporate-induced confusion. Platinum Game’s upcoming live service co-op brawler Babylon’s Fall isn’t just getting a demo before release, as reported by GamesTalk, but also one afterward. Because that’s not confusing in the slightest, right?


If you’re on PlayStation 4 or 5, congratulations! You get to try the game before it releases via trial launching on February 25. Progress will carry over into the full game, letting you get a leg up on other players a week before launch. Or you can just try things out, see if Platinum’s take on co-op brawling is worth the $60 asking price. The trial will include online play.

Like with other recent Square Enix games, there are other ways to get in early. Those who somehow have too much money in their pockets can spend extra on the Digital Deluxe edition to get three days early access on the 28th.

Unlike other Square Enix titles, this Deluxe edition comes at a $40 price hike rather than the typical $10. Besides the early access, the Deluxe Edition offers; CAPES! No, seriously, it’s capes, a ‘Frontlet’ accessory, and a ‘Gideon Attire’ pack.



Okay, but what if you’re a PC player? Babylon’s Fall is set to launch simultaneously on Steam, after all. In that case, you get the pleasure of waiting until after the game’s released to decide if you want to buy the full game or not. With a loose window of “late March”, PC-only players are going to be stuck for holding out for a proper demo. Why the PC version has been singled out is unclear as of this writing.

For those diving in, the game’s launch ‘season’ will feature Babylon’s Fall’s first premium Battle Pass for free during the “Eternal Tower”. We’ve already got confusing demo releases, so sure, let’s make the Passes tricky to perceive as well. It’s an odd approach, but fits given Platinum have described the game as a “new challenge”. Hopefully, it’s one they can surmount with their signature flair.


If nothing else, at least at some point, everyone will be able to judge Babylon’s Fall for themselves. As can be seen in the above trailer, the game not only boasts fast-paced melee brawls but platforming through hazardous environments in what looks to be a post-post-apocalyptic society. With a gothic art direction and dramatic magical abilities it has the right recipe – now let’s see if they can bake it to completion.

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