When Will Gta 6 Launch? Analysts Predict a Possible 2023 Release

GTA 6 Release Date
Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

GTA 6 might arrive in 2023 according to analysts who have been mulling over Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga. The news was summed up after Take-Two revealed it was expecting an annual growth rate of 14% over the next three years.

In a note to Axios, the New York firm Jefferies revealed, “there are only a handful of titles that can […] provide management with the confidence to put out such a strong guidance,” leading the firm to “believe there is at least one Rockstar IP set to be released by FY24,” which starts in April 2023 and end in March 2024.

To reach 14% growth the company would need to rake in $9 billion in spending. The game most likely to reach that goal? GTA 6!

According to analysts, the game is likely to arrive sometime in the fiscal year 2024 which starts in April 2023.

This could be good news for gamers. As GamesRadar previously reported, GTA 6 was originally not expected until 2025.

While there is still no confirmation for the potential release, the expected growth rate definitely puts the release in sight, even if other reports have suggested that Rockstar Games has been suffering from development setbacks for GTA 6.

If it’s not Grand Theft Auto pushing projections ahead, here’s to hoping another big game is on the horizon that may shake things up.


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