When You Know Something Really Bad Is About to Go Down: 10 Real-Life Equivalents Of a Video Game Save Point With Ammo and Health

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Am I the only one always suspicious when many things go right? Thanks to anxiety, I’m that person who is always waiting for the catch after a sequence of good things. This is similar to when everything seems to be going right in a video game, which is often a sign of trouble. Here are real-life situations similar to the save room stocked with extra ammo and health before it’s about to go down. 

1. The Run Away Dog

One commenter admits that one day, their mom brought them their favorite food; mashed potatoes and boneless fried chicken from KFC. Their day was fantastic, and they were so happy. They were then told that their dog had run away, and they slipped into a minimal depression.

2. Losing a Dream Job

Another person shares that they were fired from their first job in their chosen field. Their boss came in on a Thursday afternoon, fifteen minutes before the end of their shift. They asked for a quick chat and then fired them.

After being hired, they got many promises of the support they’d receive. So it didn’t make sense that they were fired one week after a performance review, where they were told they were doing well. To crown it all, they learned that their former boss spent a decent amount of their next staff meeting talking smack about them.

3. We Need to Talk In-Person

Many have felt that little heart skip when told to come in for the results after a doctor’s visit. One says that medical practitioners can communicate most things via phone or mail.

So they panicked when their doctor’s nurse called them after hours to come in. She sounded perturbed, so they asked to communicate via phone as they headed out. The MRI scan showed something, and they needed to go in for more tests.

4. Late-Night Calls

Have you ever dreaded answering a late-night call? A user explains they once got a phone call at 2:00 a.m. from their mom’s cell phone. The caller was a man who identified himself as the police. He wanted to know if they knew whose phone that was. They almost vomited as they immediately thought that something horrible had happened. 

Someone had broken into their parent’s car, and their mom had left her phone inside. The police arrested the guy in the act and attempted to match the property with houses. All this time, their parents were completely unaware of the events. They also thought the police had come to tell them their child was dead. Everyone had a bad night.

5. Multiple Missed Calls

There’s so much anxiety around phone calls; it only worsens when you have several missed ones. A contributor commented that they had a college exam once, and they had set their phones on silent and left it at the front of the class. The exam took two and a half hours.

When they switched on their phone, they had thirteen missed calls. Their grandpa was unwell then, so they immediately thought something bad had happened. When they managed to call their dad, he said he was worried since they did not pick up. He had forgotten they had an exam. Sadly, grandpa still passed on two days later.

6. You’ve Been Served

Several agree that people always find creative ways to tell you, “You’ve been served.” One says their mom was a legal paper server when they were little. She would do screwed-up things when asking for people’s identities before serving them. On one occasion, she got a drink at the bar and started picking up on the guy before telling them they’d been served. 

7. Subtle Goodbyes

A somber responder suggests that when a friend with depression suddenly brightens up and becomes overly generous, it’s a sign of trouble. Suddenly they want to get together with all their friends and party. This is their way of saying goodbye.

8. Sudden Vacations at the Workplace

Have you watched bosses start cashing in on vacation time simultaneously at work? One says the company is about to blow up when all higher-ups start going for their accumulated vacations. It’s time to find a new job before you find yourself without one.

9. Being Picked Up Early From School

This can never be good. One person shares how they were excited to leave school early this one time in fifth grade. They joyfully packed to leave and skip out of the door.

Later on, their dad picked them up, and when they got home, so many cars were packed in their compound. They were delighted to see other family members but were looking for their favorite relative. When they asked about him, they were told grandpa had passed on.

10. When Co-Workers Won’t Let You Help

Finally, an individual explains things are not right if your colleagues start getting busy and you’re somewhat idle. Attempts to take work off their hands are also met with adamance. Slowly, your work starts being offloaded to them. This is how your position becomes redundant.

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Written by Esther Kamau

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