Where Did They Go? 12 Things That Disappeared Without Anyone Noticing

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Have you ever noticed a part of everyday life disappear without noticing? You’re not alone. According to an online discussion, here are 12 things that disappeared without anyone realizing it. 

1 – Toys In Cereal Boxes

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It felt like a surprise was waiting inside every cereal box when we were kids. Today? If it still exists, it’s the exception, not the norm.

2 – Ronald McDonald

ronald mcdonald
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What’s the fabled McDonald’s mascot up to today? I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw him in a commercial. 

3 – Video Game Manuals

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I fondly remember sitting in the passenger seat on the way home after buying a brand-new video game and reading through the manual. Today, however, there are no manuals. Half the time, the game isn’t even in the box; you have to download it. 

4 – Custom Ringtones

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Remember when you were so excited to pay $1 for a custom ringtone? Today, I can’t even remember the last time I heard a generic ringtone. It feels like everyone has their phone on silence. 

5 – Automatic Seatbelts

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One person said, “My aunt is actually part of the reason they aren’t around anymore. She was in a bad car accident where the car rolled several times. The door opened during the rolling (or at least separated enough to tell the sensor it was open), and off came her seat belt in the middle of the accident.”

6 – Sobe

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The popular drink was popular in the mid-2000s before disappearing from stores. As a Sobe addict, this one hurts. 

7 – Working 9-5

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At some point, a 9-5 job turned into an 8-5 job. We’re not happy about this one. 

8 – Saturday Morning Cartoons

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
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As a kid, it was appointment viewing to sit in front of the Television in pajamas with a bowl of cereal and enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons. Kids today don’t know how good we had it.

9 – Having Family Photographs In Homes

Owning A Home
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You can blame the growth of social media for this one. Why have pictures in your house when they’re all visible on your Facebook profile?

10 – 3D Television

3D Television
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Remember when “3D TVs” were the next big thing? Every channel invested in the technology to broadcast in 3D. It feels like it disappeared just as quickly as the technology made the market. 

11 – Career Longevity

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One worker said, “Longevity in careers has largely gone away. People used to get a job and after being there for decades reap the benefits of being seasoned employees (higher salaries and better perks).”

12 – Phone Books

old lady phone book
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These things were heavy and used to be delivered to your doorstep every year. Now? If they still exist, they get thinner and thinner every year. 

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