Where to Find and Defeat the Dragonkin Warrior – Elden Ring

The Dragonkin Warrior is an optional boss in Elden Ring. You can simply ignore it if you wish to not attack him. It is a giant rotting warrior that ascends from the waters in the lake of rot. The Dragonkin Warrior is a squishy boss to attack, but he deals a lot of damage during the fight.

Some new players don’t know how to easily defeat and find the Dragonkin Warrior. This guide will help you locate and kill the Dragonkin Warrior in Elden Ring

Where to Find and Defeat the Dragonkin Warrior – Elden Ring


The Dragonkin Warrior can be located in the Lake of Rot. The Lake of Rot is located north of Limgrave. The correct location is called Liurnia Lake Shore.

Tactics for Defeating

Once you have reached that location, you will want to find the biggest platform to stand at and taunt the boss after. It is recommended to use a quick one-handed weapon because the Dragonkin Warrior does not have a lot of HP and speed is more important here than damage. Wielding a two-handed weapon will make you slow, after each hit that you make, the boss will trade a hit with you, which can kill you much quicker.

His attacks deal massive damage. You will mostly want to focus on his hands. His two main damaging mechanics are where he swings either his left or right hand towards you. It’s a difficult mechanic to dodge, but if you time your dodge with his hit correctly, you will have no problems dodging.

Simply when you see his hand to be raised and him readying up to attack, instantly move towards him or to the side and dodge.

Another great tip for surviving this battle is to focus on the boss and block at the same time when you want to move back and refill your HP.

Focusing on the boss will give you more control over the fight. You will know when exactly he attacks and when he is stuck in the ground so you can charge in and deal some damage!
Get as many flasks as possible, because you will need them. Once you get hit by this big boss, you will need to refill.

Written by Borut Udovic

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