Why Is Marcelo Not In Fifa 23?

Fans of the FIFA video game series were left surprised and disappointed to discover the absence of Marcelo, the talented Brazilian left-back, in FIFA 23. Known for his skill, agility, and attacking prowess, Marcelo has been a fan favorite for years.

This article aims to explore the potential reasons behind Marcelo’s exclusion from FIFA 23, shedding light on possible factors that may have led to this unexpected development.


  • Possible reasons for his exclusion include licensing issues and exclusive contracts.
  • Performance and popularity fluctuations may have influenced the decision.
  • Competition and depth in his position could have led to prioritizing other players.
  • Game development priorities, such as gameplay improvements, may have affected player selections.

Licensing Issues and Contracts

One possible explanation for Marcelo’s absence could be related to licensing issues. To feature in the game, FIFA requires licensing agreements with players and clubs.

Negotiations for these rights can be complex, and there may have been a delay or difficulty in securing the necessary licensing rights for Marcelo, resulting in his exclusion.

Additionally, players like Marcelo often have exclusive endorsement or promotional deals with other gaming franchises, which can restrict their appearances in competing games like FIFA.

Performance and Popularity

FIFA generally includes players based on their current form, popularity, and overall demand. If Marcelo’s performance has declined in recent seasons or if there is a decrease in his global popularity, EA Sports, the developer of FIFA, might have made a decision to exclude him from the game.

The game’s developers prioritize including players who are in high demand and have a significant impact on the footballing world.

Competition and Positional Depth

Another factor to consider is the competition and depth of players in Marcelo’s position. FIFA typically aims to include a variety of players in each position to offer gamers choices and options for their teams.

If there are other left-backs who are considered more prominent or influential in the current football landscape, they might have been prioritized over Marcelo for inclusion in FIFA 23.

The game’s development team analyzes multiple factors, including player performances, international representation, and marketability when deciding which players to include.

Game Development Priorities

Developing a new installment of FIFA involves numerous considerations and priorities. The development team allocates resources and focuses on enhancing various aspects of the game, such as gameplay mechanics, graphics, new features, and licensing agreements.

It’s possible that, due to these priorities, Marcelo’s inclusion in FIFA 23 was not a high priority, resulting in his omission from the final roster.


The exclusion of Marcelo from FIFA 23 has left fans speculating about the reasons behind his absence. While the exact rationale for his exclusion remains undisclosed, several factors could have contributed to this decision.

Licensing issues, performance and popularity considerations, competition in his position, and game development priorities all play a role in determining which players make it into the game.

Regardless of the specific reasons, the absence of Marcelo serves as a reminder that player inclusions and exclusions in FIFA are a result of complex negotiations, strategic choices, and the ever-changing dynamics of the football world.

Written by Borut Udovic

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