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Wild Hearts Karakuri Katana | Weapon Guide

Wild Hearts Karakuri Katana - Weapon Guide

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you’ll start out with in Wild Hearts. For that reason, it’s easy to dismiss it as just a simple starting weapon. However, when used correctly, it’s as good as any other in the game. It boasts a unique moveset that focuses on filling a gauge with quick attacks to transform into a powerful whip. If you need some guidance with this weapon, read on below to find out how to use the Karakuri Katana most effectively.

How to Use the Karakuri Katana in Wild Hearts

How to Use the Karakuri Katana in Wild Hearts

There’s a reason that Wild Hearts starts you off with the Karakuri Katana. It’s an excellent weapon choice for players who are unafraid to get up close and personal with a kemono. In contrast to the slower paced Maul, attacks with the Karakuri Katana are speedy. But the true power of the weapon is fueled by its gauge.

Combos with the Karakuri Katana are relatively simple, which is why it’s such a great choice for beginners. The Attack 1 button (A1) can be pressed repeatedly for quick attacks that do the most damage when you’re as close to a kemono as possible. A combo with the Attack 2 button (A2) will perform an Iai Slash. An Iai Slash is a bit slower but does stronger damage and boasts a longer reach. Performing a combo using the Special Attack button (SA) will jab the kemono before transitioning into a flurry of hits and a wide sweeping attack that repositions you 180 degrees.

You can incorporate SA into any A1 or A2 combos. This will hit for more damage but cost a fair amount of stamina. You’ll slowly fill a release gauge by continuously attacking a kemono. When filled, pressing SA with either A1 or A2 will let you enter an Unbound state and transform your Karakuri Katana into a whip. These augmented attacks will deplete the gauge, but are immensely stronger than standard ones. You can end the Unbound state early and keep any residual gauge buildup.

Knowing when it’s best to let the gauge deplete completely or when to use it sparingly is key to using the Karakuri Katana. It’s ease of use coupled with its slashing capabilities makes it a great weapon for early game monsters such as the Ragetail, which has parts that can be severed.

Written by Andrew Smith