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Wild Hearts Spineglider | How to Defeat

Wild Hearts Spineglider - How to Defeat

There are dozens of kemono roaming the lands of Azuma in Wild Hearts. One of the very first ones you’ll come across is the Spineglider, an aquatic-based flying squirrel. This fight will truly put your dodging skills to the test. If you’re having trouble with taking down this kemono, read on to find out how to defeat the Spineglider in Wild Hearts.

How to Defeat the Spineglider in Wild Hearts

 How to Defeat the Spineglider in Wild Hearts

Don’t be fooled by how adorable the Spineglider is. It may be cute, but it’s quite a powerful kemono. When it comes to weapons, it’s weakest to Wood and Fire elements, though Wind is also effective. It’s most resistant to Water and Earth. Pummel damage from a weapon like the Maul is most effective type of physical damage, but Slash and Lunge will get the job done. Any type of weapon can work so long as you’re proactive about dodging. That said, your best bet is likely to use a Karakuri Katana or Bow. The Spineglider loves to move around, so it’s better to save slower weapons like the Nodachi until you’ve memorized its movements.

In terms of battle, the Spineglider is fairly similar to the Ragetail both in movement and attacks. It mainly attacks with its tail for wide sweeps. The Spineglider’s tail will often swell up with water which it then shoots out with a jetstream. When it isn’t using its tail, it will jump in the air and shoot projectiles or spin around like a tornado. It will periodically use the liquid it shoots to create a rock to perch on. You can smash the rock with the Pounder Karakuri to briefly stun it.

The Spineglider is at its most dangerous when enraged. It will swell its tail to enormous proportions and bounce all around the battlefield. As you can imagine, your primary focus during this fight should be on the Spineglider’s tail, which can be completely severed. This is why the Karakuri Katana is such a good choice for the fight. The Karakuri Katana allows you to get some quick slashes in while the Spineglider is in between its attacks.

Written by Andrew Smith