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Will Watch Dogs: Legion Be on Game Pass?

Watch Dogs: Legion Game Pass

If you’re a Game Pass subscriber, you’re likely aware that more and more games are coming to the service almost every week. With the upcoming release of Watch Dogs: Legion a lot of players are wondering the game will be coming to Game Pass on either Xbox, PC, or both. So, let’s take a look.

Is Watch Dogs: Legion Coming to Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Watch Dogs: Legion will not be coming to Game Pass on Xbox or PC at launch or anytime in the near future. That’s not to say that the game couldn’t eventually make its way to the service, but at the time of writing, there have been no public plans release by Team Xbox or Ubisoft to bring the game to the service.

It’s worth mentioning that Ubisoft is a massive publisher and has a similar service to Game Pass in Uplay. Not only does it offer discounts to subscribers, but it will also allow those who have pre-purchased the game digitally to get in on an early access period ahead of launch. So, in addition to the Golden King Pack, you’ll also get to take part in an early play period simply for pre-purchasing the game.

However, we have seen Game Pass partner with massive publishers in the past to bring its games to the service. Not long ago, Xbox partnered with EA to bring EA Play games to Game Pass for no additional cost. So, who can really say that with certainty that it won’t come to Game Pass in the far future?

However, for now, if you are interested in the game, we would suggest you go ahead and buy it because it does seem unlikely that a deal will be made in the near future. Until then, good luck and welcome to the resistance.

Written by Andrew Smith