Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Getting Dedicated Servers

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Getting Dedicated Servers
Photo Credit: Bethesda

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is getting dedicated servers nearly twenty years after its release.

Bethesda updated its blog announcing the news. A total of four official dedicated servers will be available, one for each supported region. The servers will all be named “id Software Official Vanilla Server – [region]

  • US: Texas
  • EU: Netherlands
  • AU: Canberra
  • UK: London

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve deployed official dedicated servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory,” the blog states. “Though the community has hosted – and continues to host – servers with various mods and custom maps that we highly recommend, we also understand that many players are looking for a more nostalgic experience.

The four servers for the cult-classic FPS will feature the “campaign” game mode by default. They will also keep the following settings:

  • Server MOTD: Official & Vanilla Servers hosted by id Software. Enjoy! These servers are unmoderated. For issues,
  • Game Type: Campaign
  • Maximum Players: 16 (8v8)
  • Friendly Fire: Yes
  • Punkbuster: No
  • Anti-Lag: Yes
  • Max Lives: Off
  • Weapon Restriction: Off
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Photo Credit: Bethesda

As Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory continues to enjoy a following, an issue players run into is that nearly every server still available is heavily modded. Bethesda’s launch of dedicated servers gives fans the option to enjoy the original, authentic experience as it once was.

Beyond the launch of dedicated servers, Bethesda also announced that the game is now available on the Microsoft Store, “complete with dedicated server support as well.” Enemy Territory became available on Steam earlier this year.

While Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is currently not a part of Xbox Game Pass, other entries in the series are. Modern Wolfenstein games like Youngblood, The Old Blood, The New Order, and The New Colossus are available for PC and Xbox Game Pass. Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein were added in the QuakeCon Game Pass update.

The last mainline Wolfenstein game to release was 2017’s Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Developer MachineGames, currently working on an Indiana Jones title, also has an unannounced project. While nothing has been confirmed, it is widely believed that the announced project will be the Wolfenstein franchise’s next entry.


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