World War 3: How To Level Up Fast

The new Release of World War 3 has allowed players to level up their main account and their gear. Unlocking different attachments for your weapons and unlocking useful tactical gadgets/utilities will make sure to give the player an upper hand against their opponent.

This guide can help you level up fast in World War 3.

How to Level up Fast – World War 3

Upon starting the game you will begin with the normal level 1 equipment. As you progress through the game by winning games and getting good scores, you will start to unlock some cool and unique features for your weapons.

Currently, in the open beta, there are two main game modes that you can play on in order to level up:

  • Tactical Ops
  • Team Deathmatch

These two game modes are different in their way. Between these two you can pick which one suits you best for leveling up much quicker and unlocking gear.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is the basic two-teamed match where you will fight alongside your troops against opponents. The game mode is split into two teams, red and blue.

This is a two-match game where an extra feature is added that there is a kill cap in between rounds. You win by either winning two rounds or being the first team to reach the 50 kill cap of the round.

Team Deathmatch is a better option because there is a smaller map to go through, the fights are more engaging and you are most likely to score more kills and gain more EXP when finishing a game.

Your EXP is gathered once the game has ended. It automatically calculates all the scores you have made in the match and grants you the EXP earned.

The games are much quicker than Tactical Ops which can mean that when you combine all played games together, that can be equal to much more EXP than one game of Tactical Ops.

Tactical Ops

Tactical Ops is a team-based game mode that gives the player the opportunity to capture objectives and win matches. This game mode is a mix between on-foot combat and vehicular tactical combat. Meaning that you can use tanks for certain operations.

In this game mode, you can get a lot of kills and run-through objectives. As fun as it may sound, it is a lot harder to earn these kills and capture these objectives. The reason being is that the map is much larger and the fighting style can be more difficult.

The playstyle in this game mode is calmer than TDM, players will make sure to develop a tactic before engaging.

The fastest way to level up in this game mode is through capturing objectives.

The objectives are presented on your screen when you begin the match, every single objective with red indicates that an opponent is capturing it at the moment, or if the objective is already captured.

Running around from objective to objective can give you a massive boost in EXP when the game ends. The only thing to note here is that some players may wait for you to come at their objectives because they are also defending those areas as well.

Good communication with your teammates and a well-planned strategy on how to take out the opponents will guarantee a victory and a fast way to Level Up.

Written by Borut Udovic

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