10 Most Disappointing TV Series Finales That Left Fans Extremely Frustrated

How I Met Your Mother
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Have you ever been entirely disappointed with the way a television series ended? Perhaps a show you loved and followed faithfully, only to be disappointed? You’re not alone. 

Redditor u/asgard13 asked, “In your opinion, which show had the worst series finale of all time? Reddit responded, and these are the top ten TV shows with the worst series finales. There are spoilers ahead.

10. Seinfeld

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Krak2511 admitted, “I recently watched Seinfeld for the first time (I’m 21, too young to have watched it live), and yeah, the finale was pretty trash.”

They continued, “It’s probably aged worse because most of the things the characters do are mild compared to the crap we see daily from many people.” Palpablevt volunteered, “It was even worse watching it live after being hyped for months.”

They stated, “Not to mention it’s full of callbacks, but it was immediately preceded by a clip-show (basically nothing but callbacks). It’s one of my all-time favorite shows, but that last episode was garbage.”

9. The Parkers


Miki_Hufflepuffle stated, “Worst: The Parkers. All those seasons of being rejected by the professor. Then, Nikki finally finds a man who loves her and leaves him on her wedding day for the professor!”

They elaborated, “He was a terrible and selfish person, and Nikki did not deserve to be treated so terribly.” Finally, they concluded, “He only wanted her because he suddenly couldn’t have her. I have no clue who thought this was the ending anyone wanted.”

Several people agreed, including Risquechilli, who exclaimed, “Right?! No one was rooting for this relationship to happen. No one.”

8. Star Trek: Enterprise

One Redditor responded, “Star Trek: Enterprise. Unfortunately, the Enterprise finale had to be written with disdain and malice. I remember reading quotes from the actress that played T’Pol ripping it apart before it even aired.”

BlazeOfGlory72 argued, “Enterprise had a great finale, as long as you pretend the last episode didn’t happen.” But, they admitted, “I chose to ignore that cobbled-together travesty of an ending they had to put together last minute when they found out they were canceled.”

7. Farscape

WarcraftFarscape asked, “Are you including Peacekeeper Wars? This is 100% correct without the inclusion, but with Peacekeeper Wars included, it’s just kind of meh.”

Kitsunisan added, “It was never intended as a series finale. So glad they had the movie to wrap up, but IMO they fumbled it slightly. The comics following it were pretty good, from what I remember.”

Redditor dolerbom asked, “Should I remove Farscape from my sci-fi watch list?” Doobiemoto answered, “Absolutely not. I think it is one of the best sci-fi shows ever made. But it has its style. For example, the series ending was lousy because of a cliffhanger, but they made a two-part movie to finish the show better.”

Several people agreed and even more argued that it is one of the best sci-fi shows of all time with Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars.

6. Supernatural

Redditor dolerbom admitted, “Getting through 15 seasons of Supernatural because I’m a completionist was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” They elaborated, “For example, I would watch ten bad episodes and be happy that one aspect of the 11th was good.”

Finally, they admitted, “Whenever I finished the finale, I just laid there contemplating my life, vowing never to complete a show that I know is hot garbage ever again. And then I watched the entirety of Stargate Atlantis anyway. God, what’s wrong with me?”

5. Younger


Redditor teddyg1870 said, “Younger? Well, that’s surprising. I’m a few seasons behind, but I guess she ends up with the “boring one?” User emersonlakeandlagoon confirmed, “Yep, but with a lot of pointless fake-outs and a really offensive shot at Greta Thunberg in between.”

Finally, ellajames88 replied, Yeah, the last season of Younger was not great.” People agreed the last season needed more of Diana.  

4. Dexter

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Another user, asgard13, nominated, “The Dexter finale was so bad that I know I watched it, but I can’t remember a darn thing about it. Aren’t they retconning/reviving it too?”

EllaShue replied, “They are, and I dread it! I probably won’t watch it. I’ll never forgive what they did to Deb’s character.” However, HandLion replied, “If you disliked the last few seasons of Dexter, then you’ll probably want to watch the new one.”

They elaborated, “Clyde Phillips (showrunner of the first four seasons) is back for this one and seems to have created season 9 in response to Scott Buck’s final three seasons to say, “Nah, forget that, this is the real ending.”

3. Shameless

Redditor mdg734 stated, “The last three seasons of Shameless were garbage.” Vyrus_E3 agreed, “They messed up that show so bad it hurts.”

Another user, lostinthought15, suggested, “They just have nowhere to go. As a result, they exhausted all of their character development without having them completely change their place in life.”

2. How I Met Your Mother

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Another user, jellsprout, admitted, “I didn’t have a problem with the mother dying in HIMYM. As you said, it was foreshadowed plenty, and it works as a meta-reason for Ted telling the story.”

They elaborated, “What I hated was Ted getting back together with Robin. They made it explicitly clear that Ted and Robin did not work well as a couple and that the only way for them to find happiness was to move on from each other.”

Finally, they concluded, “And then they learned it again. And again and again and again. I think it was 5 or 6 times throughout the series that Ted decided to move on from Robin. But then, at the very last moment, suddenly, we are expected to root for them again.”

1. Game of Thrones (GoT)

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The number one voted and nominated series finale is Game of Thrones. Redditor tonyTargaryen473 agreed, “I’ve never seen a franchise go from talk of the town to nobody cares anymore as fast as GoT did after those final episodes.”

ArgentiumKing admitted, “I didn’t watch a Game of Thrones episode for two years after the finale, I hated it so much, so I needed to heal.” They continued, “Now, in my head, Game of Thrones ended at season six, so I enjoy it as I did before the last two seasons, thank god.”

Of course, now there is House of the Dragon, and fans are hopeful for a different ending. Honorable Mentions: The Good Wife, The Sopranos, Legion, and Lost.

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  1. Wow, do you like any good series at all? I can choose at least 3 of the series you picked that I would say was one of the best series ever. You seem like you have a very different kind of like for entertainment

  2. My biggest disappointment was the finale of The Sopranos. I don’t care what David Chase says because that ending was terrible! Too many loose ends were left untied, and leaving Tony’s fate up to the viewer was a cop out! 6+ years of avid watching should have been rewarded with a fantastic ending, not a wet dishrag of one!

  3. I think you’re missing the point of the article. It’s not about “great series”, but rather, “disappointing finales”. I think a series has to be pretty fantastic to even have a finale deemed disappointing. So it’s BECAUSE most of these series were great, that they could even earn the right to have a “disappointing finale”.

    Dexter and GOT are particularly good examples. Both were TERRIFIC shows that had endings that many people found disappointing. It’s because the shows were so great… that they could possibly have “bad” endings. A bad show wouldn’t even make it to a bad ending…. and if it did, we would expect a bad show to have a bad ending. So it’s a GREAT show with a disappointing ending that makes the most people “sad” that it didn’t carry through to the very end (like, for instance, Breaking Bad)

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