WOW: How To Unlock Kul Tiran

World of Warcraft is a game with a rich world with many adventures to be had and adversaries to be slain. Players have a large selection of classes and races to customize their characters with. One such race are the Kul Tirans, however they require to be unlocked before they can be used.

Unlocking the Kul Tiran race requires you to acquire 3 achievements and finish a recruitment quest before you can create your Kul Tiran character.
Check out how to unlock them down below!

How To Unlock Kul Tiran – WOW

The Kul Tiran Humans come from the island nation of Kul Tiras and are known for their mighty fleet and Tidesages.

What are the Kul Tiran Unlock Requirements?

To unlock the Kul Tiran race, you have to acquire a few achievements first:

  • Proudmoore Admiralty – Reach Exalted reputation with the Proudmoore Admiralty.
  • A Nation United – Complete all of Kul Tiras major storylines.
  • Tides of Vengeance – Complete the 8.1 War Campaign

Once you have all of the necessary achievements, head to the Stormwind Embassy and talk to Jaina. She will be the one to assign you the “Made in Kul Tiras” quest line.

This is the first of many quests that you must complete in order to recruit the Kul Tirans and make your own Kul Tiran character. There are around 13 quests that involve a mix of talking to NPCs to placing Fog Wards to collecting lumber.

The final quest in this series will be “Allegiance of Kul Tiras”.

Once everything is finished, you can talk to Anduin Wrynn and this will finally unlock the Kul Tiran race for you to play as, along with an added bonus of a Kul Tiran Charger mount!

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