A Wu-Tang Clan Rpg Is Rumored to Be in the Works

Wu-Tang Clan
Photo Credit: Napalm filled tires / Wikipedia

If you’re a fan of Wu-Tang Clan you might eventually have the ability to play an RPG featuring the famous rap group.

The “third-person fantasy RPG” is allegedly being developed at Microsoft alongside Brass Lion Entertainment.

Journalist Jez Corden revealed the news during the most recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast. According to Corden, helping lead development are some veterans from the teams at Bethesda and BioWare.

Corden says he first heard whispers about the game in July. Details are pretty sparse but Corden says the game’s codename is “Shaolin.”

According to Corden, the game will revolve around melee combat with a four-player co-op option. The game will also allegedly include “a couple of dozen hours” of gameplay, seasonal offerings, and end-game content.

Rumors are nothing new but having them backed up by other industry insiders does tend to give them more weight. In this case, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb also talked about the Wu-Tang RPG on his show.

If you visit Brass Lion Entertainment’s website you’ll see a notice about an “unannounced action RPG” game, although we can’t confirm at this time that it’s Wu-Tang related.

Given the almost complete lack of info, it’s safe to say that a Wu-Tang RPG is probably so early in development that we won’t be seeing it for a while.


Written by Boss Level Gamer