WWE 2K22:  Complete Controls Guide

WWE 2K22 is a newly released game that is looking forward to make the playstyle for each player more enjoyable. The newly added controls give are looking forward to simplifying the game, even more, adding a few more features that will enhance wrestling, and just making sure you have more fun!

In this guide, we will discuss the basic controls in WWE 2K22.

Basic Controls – WWE 2K22

Visual Concepts have decided to stick to the normal controls that they have, just to add a few more features to wrestling, simplifying the movement and making sure the players have more fun.

They wanted to make sure that learning combos are important, but having more fun is important too. Implementing the button mash mechanics is the way of having more fun for them.

WWE 2K22 wants to give the player more control over his character while playing. The new controls that you can notice in the new game are the ability to dodge an incoming attack or counter it. They have added light and strong attacks so the player can choose between faster but lighter punches or slower but heavier punches.

This is a good way to plan out your full movement strategy in order to win a round in the ring. The Pin option has been changed to move down with your analog stick instead of pressing it.

These are simple adjustments to controls to allow the players to be more creative with their moves and find better ways to dodge/counter attacks and perform interesting moves in the arena.

Written by Borut Udovic

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