WWE 2K22: How To Get Up Quick

The newly released game offers the players different controls and combos that they can learn in order to do skillful tactics in the ring. Some players will have difficulties realizing some hidden features of the game. In this guide we will show you some interesting simple movements to do in WWE 2K22.

How to Get Up Quick – WWE 2K22

Older versions of the WWE 2K22 have made the movement and button placement for your controller or keyboard a bit strategic. In the older versions of the game you were needed to perform a specific pattern of buttons in order to do a combo or simply to get up. Getting up in the older versions of the game could have been somewhat difficult to master.

In this new release, Visual Concepts has introduced specialty tokens that you gain as you fight. When you are on the ground, you will have the ability to use a specialty token to instantly get up and continue fighting.

The other way to get up is to simply just button mash. Visual Concepts wanted to bring back the exciting button mashing in the game for people to have more fun and not waste their time learning all the combos in the game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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