Wwe2k22 Is Bringing Back Fan Favorite GM Mode

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WWE2K22 is set to be released in March and will bring back long-lost fan-favorite General Manager Mode. The last time the feature was a part of WWE game was WWE Smackdown vs. Raw in 2008.

The revived mode, now known as “MyGM,” was announced with a “Hit List” trailer highlighting new and returning features gamers can expect.

In “MyGM” you’ll be tasked with drafting new talent, managing your contacts, and book matches. The game’s creative director, Lynell Jinks, explains the mode will have you, “progressively working your way up from high school gyms to prime time TV.”

“MyFACTION,” a brand new mode, was also revealed. This exciting first-time feature will task you with building rival factions. You’ll do this by collecting, upgrading, and managing superstars from every WWE era.

Not to be left out of the ring, “MyRISE” mode will let you play as an up-and-coming superstar. The idea behind this feature is pretty self-explanatory. Work with one wrestler and help them rise from rookie to legendary.

For a full list of updates coming to WWE2K22 watch the “Hit List” reveal trailer below.

If that trailer doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping I don’t know what will. It’s not often you see a sports franchise make major improvements year over year, making WWE2K22 a must-buy for wrestling fans.

The last game released in the WWE2K franchise was WWE2K20 in 2019. That year’s model was panned by critics and fans. It was full of bugs and labeled as “barely functional.”

In response, 2K decided to take a “gap year” to make sure the newest game would not only live up to the expected standard but also set a new one.

Find out if the hype train that just left the station for WWE2K22 is justified when the game is released in March across multiple platforms!

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