Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Is Reportedly on the Way

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is Reportedly On the Way
Photo Credit: Microsoft

Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft will be launching an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan later this year.

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is Reportedly On the Way
Photo Credit: Microsoft

According to their source, the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will allow for up to five people to access games across the Game Pass library. It will utilize Microsoft’s Family Account system that’s already enabled for Office 365.

Author Jez Corden explains:

I’d heard about Microsoft’s desire to create a Family Plan quite a while ago at this point, although there were details to work out about how royalties might be distributed, and how licenses from third-party publishers would be compensated for users who weren’t attached to the main plan. According to trusted sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts, we can now confirm that Xbox is moving ahead with an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, which could be set to launch sometime this year.

Source: Windows Central

Corden also makes the comparison to how families share streaming accounts such as Netflix: one person manages the account, and the rest of the family has their own login.

A pricing tier for the Family Plan was not revealed. However, it was mentioned that it would “be far cheaper having to pay for several separate accounts.”

The report comes several days after Sony announced their version of Game Pass in their new PlayStation Plus subscription service. While it won’t see new releases available on day one like Xbox Game Pass, the PlayStation Plus subscription service will still feature a library of games from the entire PlayStation library.

This sounds like the type of official reveal that companies make at E3. Don’t be surprised if Microsoft announces the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan and reveals pricing details during the digital event later this year.

Once the official announcement is made, we’ll share the details with you all.


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