Xbox Series S Surprisingly Wins the Black Friday Console Wars

Xbox Series S was the best selling console over Black Friday weekend
Image Via Xbox Game Studios

The holiday season has traditionally been a huge time for the gaming industry and this year has been proven to be no different. And Black Friday, a massive day for in-person and online shopping can give a good hint as to which gaming console is the hottest.

All of the major manufacturers, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, ran gobs of Black Friday deals. And the most popular console over the weekend was the Xbox Series S.

A study of, “over one trillion visits to U.S. retail sites,” was performed by Business Insider and Adobe. The series S came out on top.

One of the major benefits of the Series S is the price point. While the gaming console doesn’t have the same power as the Series X or the Playstation 5, it only retails for around $300. This is attractive both to parents looking to save following the pandemic and part-time gamers who are looking to get back into the action.

Xbox Series S was the best selling console over Black Friday Weekend
Image Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios

This is also a sign that gamers are hyped to play Xbox exclusive games. Forza Horizon 5 was just recently released and so far has received incredible reviews. Halo Infinite, another Xbox exclusive, will be dropping on December 8th.

Ben Gilbert from Business Insider notes:

“That the console doesn’t use bleeding edge technology has been a sales hindrance for the console in the past year among the earliest adopters of the most recent PlayStation and Xbox console generations. Now, that flaw appears to be an advantage to Black Friday shoppers.”

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