Yakuza: Like a Dragon English Dub | How to Turn Off

English Dub

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has just exploded onto PC, Playstation, and Xbox. It’s a huge departure from the traditional series, which isn’t a bad thing. Something that can be a little annoying, however, like Sega’s insistence on keeping things English. For most (myself included), the English dub is welcome to make things easy. But, Yakuza is a Japanese game at heart. If you’re looking for that old feeling, then it’s still there! You just need to turn it off the English dub.

How to Turn Off English Dub

In order to turn off the English dub of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you’ll need to go to the main menu. Then, head to settings, and then “audio language.” Within this menu there will be a popup window which will allow you to change the dub from “English” to “Japanese.” This will swap the game from English to Japanese.

If you don’t speak Japanese, then you might want to consider putting on subtitles! For that, head to “audio settings.” There should be some options to determine exactly what subtitles you’re going to experience. And, considering how story-based Yakuza is, you’ll probably want as many subtitles as you can.

The English dub is a pretty rare inclusion in the Yakuza series. This will be one of two games that gives you the option to hear the game entirely in English. That’s pretty awesome and shows that there may be more effort put into language translations in the future of the series. Perhaps more importantly, it shows that the Yakuza franchise is legitimately getting more popular across the West. Hopefully, in the future, Yakuza games can get more popular in other countries and allow all people to experience the insanity that is Yakuza as a series.

But, hopefully this will allow you to get the Yakuza experience that you were looking for!

Written by Andrew Smith