Zero Sievert: How To Sleep

In Zero Sievert you get to go around battle areas and fight against various players and even bosses. During your time in this game, you need to rest and refill your health and stamina that has been depleted from all your fighting.

This guide will show you how to sleep in Zero Sievert.

How To Sleep

As you play various games and complete challenges in Zero Sievert, you will lose a chunk of your Health and you also may lose some Fatigue.

That is why you need to be careful during your battles because you want to stay alive at all times and not lose any of your items.

To do so, you need to sleep. Sleeping will allow you to regain your energy and fatigue bar. To start sleeping, you need to head over to your base and go in the middle where the hallway is located.

Go up and take a right where two beds are located. Go into that small room with the beds and interact with one of them.

You can set the timer on how long you want to sleep. After the time has been set, simply press the sleep button and you are good to go!

Written by Borut Udovic

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