Advertising Policy

BossLevelGamer serves to display and video advertisements through the utilization of programmatic advertising. Our programmatic advertising is managed by

You can learn more about programmatic advertising here.

Our editorial team does not interact with AdOps. Ads are displayed based on a CPM/CPC model with the highest bidding or second-highest bidding partner winning each ad spot on our website.

BossLevelGamer reserves the right to blacklist any advertising partners who do not meet our strict editorial policies. We will never tolerate misleading ads and will ban any bidder who provides false information to our readers, both when we discover such ads or when they are reported to us by our readers.

With that being said, please note that advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of and Boss Level Gamer LLC

In the event of direct ad buys, our team may negotiate direct display ads for ad sales and sponsorships. We provide very clear disclosure on any posts that have been sponsored. Disclosures clearly explain the direct relationship between our website and the sponsor.

Please see our ETHICS POLICY to further understand how we present our content.