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Among Us Halloween Skins | How to Get

Among Us Halloween Skins

Among Us is a game where an ‘imposter’ has to take out its other crew-mates without giving away their real identity. As with most games these days, players can choose from a variety of different skins for their character. Now the default skin for the game is alright, but what if I was to tell you that there was a way to make your character a little more frightful and intimidating for the crew-mates you’re trying to eliminate. So if you are wanting to add more variety to your character and be more recognizable in games, then this is how you get the Halloween skins in Among Us for free.

How to Get Halloween Skins in Among Us

In order to get access to the Halloween skins in Among Us, you’ll need to change the date and time in your mobile or PC settings. Before you do this, you need to be completely closed out of the game. When you’ve done that, head into to your mobile/PC settings and change its date to October 30, 2019 and set the time for a minute or two before midnight.

On mobile, there should be a section on your device settings saying date and time, whereas on PC you can simply search it in the taskbar which can be found in the bottom left corner of your PC’s desktop.

If you’re not able to change the date and time, you may need to inactivate the set date and time automatically which should be found directly above the set date and time manually option.

The next step to get the Halloween skins after changing your mobile/PC’s date and time is to quickly load up Among Us on your preferred device and wait for you time to hit midnight before you begin a new game. Once the clock has hit midnight, start a game and once loaded in you should be able to find the spooky skins in the lobby by clicking on the laptop and going to the hat options.

You should be greeted with some new Halloween hats, which should include a pumpkin, bat ears, and some more that I won’t spoil for you.

Now when you play your next round, you’ll have festive Halloween skins to show off to your teammates.

Written by Andrew Smith