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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Aelfred’s Study Key Location

Aelfred's study

The endgame of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has you engaged deep in politics. Thankfully, King Aelfred is a pretty chill guy, and is grateful for your service. Because of that, he entrusts you to Aelfred’s study room, which is locked… Like 90% of the doors in this game. So, getting into that little room might help you get some endgame loot. But, where is the key, and when do you get it?

Where to Find Aelfred’s Secret Study Key Location

Aelfred’s study key is given to you after the Order of Ancients quest. To complete this quest, you have to kill all of the members of the Order, which are scattered throughout the map. After killing all of them (except the Father), you’ll meet up with the King one last time. He hands over the key, and bids you a farewell after thanking you for your intensive service.

The Order battles aren’t necessarily brutal, but you should keep on-gear whenever you can. These can be rough fights if you’re underprepared, but at this point you should have access to a few options. You don’t have to kill the Father to unlock the study, so hopefully you’ll peek in there when you have the time!

With the key in hand, you’ll want to quickly read it’s description, which points you to Wincestre. Head to the Old Minster and pop your Odin’s Sight. The green aura around the door will point you to Aelfred’s Study entrance.

So, is finding Aelfred’s study key worth your while? Well… If you’re a story junkie, certainly! The study contains a few documents that talk about the Order, Itsu, and more. It’s mostly to highlight Aelfred’s role in the Order and to explain to the player why Aelfred is so truly thankful for your service.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t much here in terms of mechanically useful loot. So if you were hoping that a study would come packed with swords and armor, then you’re not gonna find much here.

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Written by Andrew Smith