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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Burn it Or Keep It | Bleeding the Leech Quest

Burn it or keep it

There are a few tough choices to be made in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Some impact the story more than others, but all of them will keep you on your toes. In the quest “Bleeding the Leech,” Eivor is presented with a pretty hard choice. The Leech has done awful things… But her tome could save many lives in the future. So, can you morally throw the book out and discard so much knowledge? Let’s see what Ubisoft thinks, and look at the benefits when asked to burn it or keep it.

Should You Burn it Or Keep it in the Bleeding the Leech Quest?

In order to get to this point in the game, you have to accept the “Bleeding the Leech” quest, which has you stalking and eventually killing the torturer. Then, Erke and Eivor must make the decision of whether to burn it or keep it, a rather moral quandary. Here’s what happens with each option:

  • Burn It: You end the quest by throwing the book into the fire. Too much evil has been committed, the knowledge must be burnt. It’s just too much blood and screams, and likely would lead to bad humors in the future… But what you’ve done would set back medicine years.
  • Keep It: The blood is already spilt, and the knowledge in the book is far too precious. Many died, but many more can be saved! Erke agrees with you, since Eivor is hard to say no to, and you get to keep the book… And that’s the end of the quest. You get a piece of furniture that you can place aside your bed, but that’s about the only use for the book.

Is it possible that we’ve missed some critical quest, where the book’s knowledge would actually save a life? Or an assassin who is loyal to the leech comes out of nowhere, attempting to kill you? Absolutely! However, from what it seems like, there is no story-based result from destroying the book, other than missing out on a neat little decoration for your bedside.

I’m not sure if Eivor keeping a book, generated from years of torturous experiments, makes them psychopathic or a Viking… Oh well!

Have you found that Erke treats you differently after keeping the book? Do you think destroying the book gives you any benefits?

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Written by Andrew Smith