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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Free or Kill the Dane Choice

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The choices you make in quests in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are usually pretty easy, you do the “right” choice, and people like you more. However, some quests require you to choose between the wants of one or another of your trusted allies. The Uninvited Guests quest is one of them. The choice to free or kill the Dane warrior will actually become important for your later missions, so choose wisely!

AC Valhalla Uninvited Guests | Should You Free or Kill the Dane?

The choice to free or kill the Dane depends on who you want to like you more. Randvi wants the Dane to live so she can send spies after them. Dag wants the Dane to die and wants you to kill him to show your strength. Choosing either choice will strain your relationship with the other character.

Randvi is the wife of your sibling Sigurd, so she is not someone to be on your bad side. However, she is also more likely to like you by this choice in the game.

Dag, meanwhile, already isn’t a huge Eivor fan. So, this can be the point where you start mending your relationship with Dag for the endgame.

The free or kill the Dane choice is kind of a lose-lose situation, and unfortunately, the choice does nothing to the immediate story. If you choose to kill the Dane, you kill the Dane. If you choose to free the Dane, Dag gets mad… and kills the Dane anyway. So, if you wanted the Dane to be free, you’re out of luck no matter what you choose.

Randvi’s not going to be happy either way either, but from Dag’s reaction, he was absolutely enraged when Eivor turned down the chance to kill the Dane. If your goal is to keep the peace with as many people as possible, we recommend killing the Dane.

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Written by Andrew Smith