Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Petuaria Ruins Book & Key Locations

Petuaria Ruins key and book

Welcome to the ruins of Petuaria! If you’re going for 100% or just trying to grab an ability, this place has a ton of loot to find. So, getting everything that the Petuaria Ruins has to offer is going to be critical for your Assassin’s Creed Valhalla run. But, where is the key and book in the ruins? Finding the key can be the most annoying part of this area. If you’re going for the best loot available, you’ll need to get searching. Here’s where you need to look.

Where to Find Petuaria Ruins Book and Key Locations

The Petuaria Ruins contain two special items, both of which are trapped behind a barred door. To start, carry an oil jar towards the stone wall on the side of the door. Afterwards, enter a crevice that you can slip through with your jar, so you can prepare to blow it up. Find a ledge to the right where you can throw your jar down, which will detonate it. That should push the moveable wall open and give you access to your well-earned loot.

The Petuaria Ruins key is behind a red door, found where the book is after you blow open the wall. You’ll have to use your horn to summon Hafdan, who will help you break it down. If Hafdan doesn’t join you in the ruins, you might be not far along enough in the storyline. Get a little more story progress and then return.

The book will teach Eivor the Poisonous Powder Trap ability. This will allow you to shoot an arrow at the ground, which then detonates into poisonous mist whenever a creature gets close. This has utility in fights against many enemies, and can pick off some during the early phase. Perhaps more importantly, this is a huge step towards reaching 100% in the game.

So, what does the key do? Somewhere in the ruins, you’ll probably remember a locked door. This door is hiding the wealth of the ruins, as well as some additional loot. If you’ve been scrambling for items, these might come in handy. If you need more specific directions, look for the Treasure Horde map outside of the ruins.

Written by Andrew Smith