Best Indie Games In November 2023 | Our Top Picks

Best Indie Games November 2023
Best Indie Games November 2023

Even though we’re a month in, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall… more or less. That means we can start looking forward to seeing more leaves as they ride the cool and crisp breezes. You can bundle up to your heart’s content both outside and inside. Of course, with this season comes lots of clouds and rain, which can encourage us to give much-needed attention to our indoor activities. I mean, all those great indie games will not play themselves and there’s a chance they’ll have to wait a little longer. That’s because we’ve got a new selection of November indie games to add to the top of the pile.

Back to the Dawn

Back to the Dawn Trailer

There are many stories about the horrors of prison, which is why many of us hope never to end up there. Regardless, prisons make interesting settings for video games like Back to the Dawn by Metal Head Games. In a world where animals walk and talk like humans, you play a Fox who has been wrongfully imprisoned. Instead of trying to fight the system, you resolve to escape your imprisonment.

This is easier said than done, as the prison in which you find yourself is more complex with its society. You’ll need to navigate the grounds, learn all strengths and weaknesses, and interact with the other inmates in hopes of making friends or enemies (which may have its benefits). Above all, you’ll need to survive by either playing it safe or taking risks, which can bring an end to your prison life in one way or another.

Back to Dawn will release on November 3 for PC.

Ebenezer and the Invisible World

Ebenezer and the Invisible World Trailer

A Christmas Carol is arguably the most famous holiday story in the whole world, and the name Ebenezer Scrooge carries a lot of recognition. He’s known as a crotchety, greedy, and bitter old man, but Orbit Studios and Play on Worlds wants to challenge this with Ebenezer and the Invisible World.

You’ll find yourself controlling the miser in Victorian London during the winter season. Unfortunately, the city has been taken over by a hostile and destructive force, and only Ebenezer can stop it. He’ll use his experience with spirits to gain their powers and fight to save the city with the support of beautiful hand-drawn artwork.

Ebenezer and the Invisible World will release on November 3 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine

Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine Trailer

The alcohol industry is a huge and booming one that is run in a multitude of ways. You can see one of the lesser-known ways in Booze Masers: Freezing Moonshine by Asmodev. You’re the main person operating a backwoods moonshine operation out in the middle of the cold. You’re not alone, but things are not right. As you risk your health and general well-being, you’ll gather a variety of materials needed to make some of the strongest alcoholic beverages possible. The other folks there may have you running around doing tasks as you document your role in this business.

Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine will release on November 9 for PC.


Undercat Trailer

Cats can be heroes, as so many games have proven before. They can also be oppressive villains that you need to fight against, as you can see in Undercat by Sparky Tail Games. In another anthropomorphic animal world, cats have taken over, putting themselves at the very top of society, and created a very strict state. As a member of the resistance force, take control of a dog agent in an open 2D platform adventure.

Play by yourself or with a partner in this pixelated mission for freedom. The levels are large and open with the opportunity to use your dog’s powers to navigate and locate interesting items. The time to rise is meow!

Undercat will release on November 10 for PC.


Bzzzt Trailer

As what we thought was the future becomes the present, content featuring robots is becoming more common. Despite this, it’s possible to use futuristic robots to create a retro feeling, like KO.DLL is doing with Bzzzt. The game proudly refers to itself as an experience inspired by the ’80s, and it fits the bill.

You’ll be playing as a small but extremely mobile robot making its way through all sorts of environments, both natural and artificial. In true arcade fashion, everything is fast-paced, with level designs made to test your reactions and enemies placed in position to catch you off guard. You’ll surely stumble, but at least it won’t cost you any quarters.

Bzzzt will release on November 13 for PC.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

Super Rhythm Crazy Castle Trailer

Even for people who aren’t musically gifted, rhythm games can be very entertaining, because it’s all about getting into a flow. You can see this for yourself with the gameplay of Super Crazy Rhythm Castle by Second Impact Games. It combines the flow of rhythm games with the flow of platform games and mini-games.

You and any others you take with you have approached the fabled castle to conquer it. With the stylized graphics, isometric angles, and upbeat tunes, you’ll be pumped to take on the many challenges that wait within. You’ll get to explore, navigate obstacles, solve puzzles, and more as you hope to hear all the sweet beats that the game has to offer.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle will release on November 14 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The Last Faith

The Last Faith Trailer

At this point, we could argue that the Gothic art style is more popular in video games than in any other medium in the world. To have a huge feast of it in a daunting situation, you can take a look at The Last Faith by Kumi Souls Games.

Within, you’ll find yourself in a vast and dark world filled with creatures, both divine and cursed. You’re playing as a hunter named Eryk who wakes up and realizes that he’s starting to lose his being. This Metroidvania takes you through the labyrinthine world as you play to master multiple forms of combat just to survive. The beasts and beings are relentless but the risk is necessary to save Eryk… that is, if he can be saved.

The Last Faith will release on November 15 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Small Saga

Small Saga Trailer

Does anyone remember Redguard? You know, that series about a medieval society and kingdom created by rodents? Well, in case you don’t, you have a variation of that in Jeremy Noghani’s Small Saga. It’s a traditional turn-based fantasy world revolving around the lives of mice, moles, squirrels, and other rodents as they make their medieval society in the lower parts of modern human society.

You’ll take control of a mouse who seeks to slay a large beast (viewed as a god) that stole his tail from him. Your journey will have you traveling to different regions and recruiting other rodents to your cause as you fight against other creatures and animals that are just as threatening as monsters. It’s a big story all about small adventurers.

Small Saga will release on November 16 for PC, Switch, and PlayStation.

Written by Andrew Smith