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11 Best PS4 Survival Games in 2019

PS4 Survival Games in 2019

The PlayStation 4 is almost like the resurrection of the PlayStation 2 when it comes to the depth of games in its library and the quality thereof. One genre that doesn’t get enough love is the survival niche. For one reason, it might be because it is often associated with “survival horror” which is very much a part of the genre but not its entirety. In this article, we are going to tell you about the eleven best PS4 survival games in 2019.

What are the Best PS4 Survival Games in 2019?

11. The Flame in the Flood

Flame in the Flood

A game that combines the conventions of a rogue-like title with the expectations of a survival mechanic, The Flame in the Flood is a pretty intense title as Scout and either a dog named Aesop or Daisy attempt to survive an apocalyptic flood that has devastated the world.

10. The Evil Within: The Assignment

The Evil Within The Assignment

The first of a two-part DLC for The Evil Within, the Assignment explains the events of the game in a prequel like fashion that treads deeply into the psychological/supernatural horror that is at the thematic heart of The Evil Within as a game.

9. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

Yomawari Midnight Shadows

The basic conceit of this title is that you are two kids on your way back from a fireworks show and you stumble upon a dark, mysterious village where you are being stalked by a shadowy figure of unknown intentions.

If that isn’t enough to make your skin crawl, we don’t know what is.

8. The Forest

The Forest

In The Forest, take the role of one of the survivors of a plane crash on a remote island as you construct shelter and survive the cannibalistic tribe that inhabits the island.

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The cool dynamic here is the tension of discovering whether or not these mysterious people are your friend or your foe as you search for your son who was taken from you at the beginning of the game.

7. Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation

What can be said about this game that hasn’t already made its way into the press? It’s easily one of the best Alien franchise games ever made but, beyond that, it is a thrilling game of hide and seek with a xenomorph that is both intense, cinematic, and utterly unique.

Passive in many ways, Alien: Isolation puts a premium on puzzle-solving and experiencing the story organically. If you’re not into procedural games that are heavy on story and light on action, then it might not be for you.

After all, do you expect the protagonist to fight the xenomorphs a la Ripley? That’s not what is going on here. Instead, you run and hide, hoping that you don’t get discovered.

6. Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light The Following

Dying Light combines the survival horror elements of Resident Evil with the terror of the fast zombies of movies like 28 Days Later.

An intense game that involves action and even some 3D platforming, Dying Light is not for the faint of heart and is somewhat like Resident Evil on adrenaline, if that’s possible. All of this combines for one of the best PS4 survival games in 2019.



An underwater research facility finds itself as the setting of a survival horror tale as you (the protagonist) find yourself in an unknown location for unknown reasons but with a mission to survive the machines bent on killing you.

4. Resident Evil: HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster

The game that started it all, except for remastered. If classic B-movie horror is your thing, then the first Resident Evil game should deliver on all fronts.

Though the game’s story shows its age all these years later, the gameplay remains surprisingly rock-solid and compelling. If you’ve never experienced Resident Evil, this game will be a great ride for you.

For those of us familiar with the game, it is more like a walk down a very haunted memory lane. The graphical update helps keep things relevant but it is the core survival element that remains the reason for the season when it comes to the first Resident Evil.

3. Resident Evil 4

PS4 Survival Games in 2019

Resident Evil 4 was such a major change of formula for the series when it came out for the Nintendo Gamecube that it remains an inflection point for the series even today.

That’s because the series abandoned many of the things it had carried with it this far, including tank controls and fixed-camera perspectives.

Now with the camera over the shoulder and a decidedly more action-film bent to the whole thing, Resident Evil 4 went further in its reformulation of the series’ zombies and the cult at the heart of the controversy.

Don’t worry—old classics eventually resurface in terms of lore, but the overall revamp that is Resident Evil 4 still maintains influence over the series to this day.

2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

PS4 Survival Games in 2019

Another reboot for the franchise, this time with a little bit more of a Silent Hill vibe than anything else, Resident Evil 7 is the most modern take on the franchise and it shows.

Once again, we have our central enemies reformulated into something new and a central storyline that borrows from classic horror, but not zombie horror.

Think Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers if you’re looking for a classic touchstone in the world of cinema where Resident Evil takes so many of its inspirations.

What gamers love about Resident Evil 7 is that it is so visceral and gritty, especially compared to the sleek, action-oriented games of the past several installments. Everything is dark and hidden in shadow, and, while conspiracies abound, no one really cares about them because you’re too busy trying to survive.

1. Resident Evil 2

PS4 Survival Games in 2019

The remade Resident Evil 2 changed everything about the original game and improved upon it in almost every conceivable way—pulling off a feat rarely seen in video games.

With multiple playthroughs available right off the bat and an intense, foreboding atmosphere throughout, Resident Evil 2 is a game that is a must-play for fans of the survival genre and video games in general.

The storyline from the original outing is largely retained but modified and updated in subtle ways that mirror the fresh coat of paint the game received in addition to some serious structural upgrades.

Without spoiling anything, if you haven’t played Resident Evil 2 yet, or ever before, you need to stop what you are doing right now and get this game, because it is one of the best PS4 survival games in 2019.

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Written by Andrew Smith