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Black Ops Cold War Kraus’s Briefcase Location | Where to Find

Cold War - Kraus' briefcase

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s campaign has some really suspenseful moments. Like trying to obtain Kraus’s Briefcase. But this can be quite challenging as it is inside a house full of people and you don’t know where it is. So if you are like the many others who are still struggling to find this briefcase then you have come to the right place as this is how you do it.

Where to Find Kraus’s Briefcase in Cold War

Cold War Kraus's briefcase

A specific part of the Brick in the Wall mission will require you to enter Kraus’ house in search for a briefcase. This means you will have to be sneaky and search throughout the house for the correct room so you don’t blow your cover.

As you enter the house you will need to head upstairs. The first obstacle you will face is Kraus’ wife. You can deal with her in two ways, the first being just to manoeuvre around her and head up stairs. This is a harder choice though, as Kraus calls her and she begins to head to the front door, past the stairs.

This means you will have to wait until she has left and its all clear. You will also get a title for your online character if you complete it this way.

The other option is quick and hassle free. As she is on the phone, go up behind her and use your new tranquilizer gun on her. She should fall to the floor meaning she wont be bothering you again. Be warned though as Kraus can head down stairs and see she has been knocked out. To avoid this, pick up her body and place it on the sofa so it looks like she is sleeping.

Once you have made it upstairs you will hear Kraus talking. This means he is going to leave the room he is in so you will need to avoid him. You can do this by entering the door in front of you (not the one on the right), stay in here until you hear him walk past. This should be his bedroom which also has some evidence inside.

Once he has walked past you, head out the room and head through the rest of upstairs.  It should be the last door on your right an the door should be opened. Don’t open the slightly opened door as Kraus’ children are in there and they can blow your cover.

Now you’re in the room you can search for Kraus’s briefcase, you wont have long though as Kraus’ child calls him back upstairs, so be quick. You will need to activate the black light, you will told how to activate it as it pops up on screen. Once the light is on head over to the painting that is located on the wall left of his desk.

Once this is done look left at the wooden wardrobe and you should see a hand print uni can interact with. Do this and a secret passage should appear, this is where the briefcase is.

That is how you find Kraus’s briefcase in the Brick in the Wall mission. If you like this guide and want to see more then check out our website where you can find lots of guides on multiple games as well as this one. Here are a few you can find:

Written by Andrew Smith