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Black Ops Cold War Raid the Mall | How to Play

Raid the Mall

Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is here! As part of the celebration, Treyarch is letting us get a peek at some new game modes… And some of them are crazy! The Raid the Mall game mode is available after the release of Season One… Which was two days ago, so it should be available now! The question is, what is this game mode?

What Is Raid the Mall in Cold War?

The Raid the Mall game mode is a two-map showcase. It has the Raid map from Black Ops II and the New Jersey Mall at the Pines. It’s a focus on an 80’s aesthetic and is available for Team Deathmatch mode. Just select the maps during deathmatch (or the playlist if you want both) to play on these maps!

Raid the Mall is part of a free access week that is being thrown by Black Ops Cold War. During the week of December 17-24, anyone can download the game and play specific multiplayer modes. The Raid and the Pines are part of the same playlist, which anyone has the option to jump in on. However, do note that these can only be played on 6v6 Deathmatch games. They’re simply not available for 2v2 at the moment… Which makes sense, cause they certainly aren’t small maps!

This free event is in two steps — from December 17-21, everyone has access to 6v6, 2v2, Domination, Nuketown Holiday 24/7, and Raid the Mall. On December 21-24, anyone can play Prop Hunt, Combined Arms Hardpoint, and Fireteam Dirty Bombs. You can still play the stages and game modes offered at the first half of the week, you just have more options now!

If you were shaky about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, this is the perfect time to try it! You don’t get the full experience, but you get to see all of the new things they plan on adding to Season 1. That’s pretty awesome! You’ll get to feel out exactly what you might be missing out on, and make sure you’ll feel bad about it!

Written by Andrew Smith