Bravely Default 2 Steal Chance | How to Steal Items

Steal Chance

Bravely Default 2 follows a lot of the RPG format we’ve come to love. Because of that, you also have a random chance that your thief pulls their gosh darn weight! At Level 10, the thief’s Steal chance ability becomes incredibly useful when you get the Magpie ability. However, how can you maximize your thieving ways? This guide will turn your thief from an average, strange support class to a farming king.

Bravely Default 2 Steal Chance Explained

Steal Chance

Your steal chance in Bravely Default 2 has been buffed from 25% to perhaps around 30-50% (we don’t have exact percentages right now!). As your thief levels up, you get a higher and higher chance of stealing. When you get Magpie, you gain a 25% chance to get a rare item when you use Steal.

However, you can get… a ton of really good interactions for your thief, if you really want to. Lucky Charm from Freelancer Level 6 can increase your luck on Magpie, making you extremely likely to steal. Thief gloves also boost your chance up…. Though it’s not obvious that you’ll benefit from wearing two of them.

If you really want to farm boss items, you’ll need to get your thief to Level 12. That gives you two items whenever you use the Steal action.

Later on, you can turn your thief into the Phantom class. The job mastery ability of the phantom guarantees the success of percentage-based abilities. This can turn your Thief into an insanely effective and consistent farming source.

The thief is far from a farming bot, but this class is one of the best ways for you to farm rare items and booster buns. Maximizing your stats is the thief’s job, and they do it well! Make sure you farm up on booster buns that you want the most, once your Thief gets to the point where they can consistently farm them. That’ll be a huge aid to late-game content!

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Written by Andrew Smith