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Bugsnax | Catch Gramble’s Lost Peelbugs

Bugsnax Catch Gramble's Lost Peelbugs

Bugsnax is all about exploring the island, finding Elizabert Megafig, and catching tasty creatures. However, in order to do all that, you’ll have to help out other islanders along the way. Early on in the game, you’ll be tasked with bringing Gramble back to Snaxburg. In order to do that, you’ll have to catch Gramble’s lost Peelbugs. Luckily, it’s not hard once you know what to do.

How to Catch Gramble’s Lost Peelbugs

Bugsnax Catch Gramble's Lost Peelbugs

To get Gramble back to Snaxburg, you’re going to have to find and catch three of their lost Peelbugs. These can be found hiding in small holes around the beach and will require you to force them out into a trap using Sprout’s Buggy Ball. You’ll find the first of the three holes just outside Gramble’s camp and the other two along the beach. If you’re not sure what to look for, see the image above.

Basically, to catch Gramble’s lost Peelbugs, you want to set up your Snax Trap at one opening of the hole and then place the Buggy Ball at the other entrance. Simply guide the ball through the hole and it’ll force the Peelbug straight into your trap.

The second Peelbug location can be found at the main beach area on your left. Further, the last of Gramble’s lost Peelbugs can be found in the second beach area if you continue through the archway next to the previous location. Once you have collected all three of Gramble’s lost Peelbugs, simply return them to him and you’ll be well on your way to getting them to return to Snaxburg.

The final task you’ll need to complete is to get two Kweebles to Gramble without trapping them. Simply cover the Buggy Ball with chocolate using your slingshot and slowly lure them back to base. The first can be found on the beach and the second is in the jungle. With all the Bugsnax returned to Gramble, he will head back to Snaxbrg

Written by Andrew Smith