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Bugsnax | How to Catch a Cheepoof


Cromdo might be a bit of a grump, but Bugsnax cheers everyone up! Once he gets you to help him a bit, it’s time to take on “Caveat Emptor!” He’s mad that the Cheepoof get to fly around everywhere like a joke, so it’s up to you to catch a Cheepoof and feed it to him. This is a great way to practice capturing flyers! And thankfully, catching one of these flying critters is easy as pie!

How to Catch a Cheepoof in Bugsnax

In order to catch a Cheepoof, you need to be around in the daytime (6:00 AM to 4:00 PM). Then, you must use a combo of the catapult and the Snak Trap to snag it out of the air.

To do this effectively, you’ve gotta place your catapult right (it’s that little wooden platform with a target on it.) Place the catapult near a Cheepoof (though it has a pretty great range!). Once you place a trap on it, swap to your catapult option to aim it with L2. Drag it wherever you please, but preferably onto a Cheepoof within range!

There should be a Cheepoof flying in the gorge to the east of Cromdo, so you can test the aiming mechanic. If you targeted a bugsnak, the targeting line should glow a light Blue. Then, let it rip!

The trap will fly and kinda course-correct towards the Cheepoof. You’ll still need to time the activation of the trap to when the bug is inside of the circle. But, that shouldn’t take too much effort as the trap flies pretty slowly, and the circle is pretty big! Just swap to the trap UI after launching and you’ll be fine. If you miss, just try again!

And now you basically know how to capture any flying bugsnak in the game! Though it can be annoying to time on faster bugs, learn how to use the catapult correctly and you’ll go far! Oh, and after you feed the critter to Cromdo, you’ll need to catch a Sweet Fryder.

Written by Andrew Smith