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Bugsnax | How to Catch a Pineantula

catch a pineantula

You’ve made it to the beach in Bugsnax, congrats! It seems you’ve gotten the attention of a celebrity, too, so nice job! In order to get Wiggle Wigglebottom back to Snaxburg, you’ll need to complete the “Pen Pineapple” quest, as she is wanting to change her hairstyle a bit. So if you want to progress, you’ll need to help her out. Because of that, learning to catch a Pineantula is critical. Learn how to do it here!

How to Catch a Pineantula in Bugsnax

In order to catch a Pineantula, you’ll need your slingshot and plenty of chocolate. Further, these creatures like to burrow underground, but you can easily spot them moving around by their green pineapple top sticking out of the ground.

Once you’ve found a Pineantula, you need to cover its stalk in chocolate with the slingshot. Once it’s covered, the Crabble will pick it up and toss it at its base, knocking it out in the process. From there, you can quickly scoop it up in your net and bring it back to Wiggle to complete the task.

If nearby Crabbles don’t start chasing down the Pineantula, then you might need to lead one to the stalk using some more chocolate. They should attach to it soon, and then the sweet bug will get pulled right out of the ground. If you’re not quite finding the Pineantula (and don’t worry, they can be easy to miss), head to the beach area and you should see one or two moving around in the sand.

When you feed your catch to Wiggle, make sure to choose “Head” since she wants a new hairstyle, or else you’ll need to get another bugsnak! For her next tasks, you’ll need to catch a Grapeskeeto and two Popticks, which won’t be difficult if you follow along with our guides!

Written by Andrew Smith