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Bugsnax | How to Catch a Sweet Fryder

Sweet Fryder

Hope you’ve been enjoying Bugsnax so far! Now, Cromdo needs you to get a Sweet Fryder, so that you can finish the “Fry with Me!” quest. This little fella is basically just a Fryder but… well, sweeter! Maybe it has potatoes or something, who knows! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to catch a Sweet Fryder for yourself so you can clear up this mission, worry no longer! We’ve got your Bugsnax bug-back!

How to Catch a Sweet Fryder in Bugsnax

In order to catch a Sweet Fryder, look across the Scorched Gorge for a spider-like creature. If you’re having trouble, there should be a Sweet Fryder next to a windmill walking across a wall and the ground in a circle. All you have to do to catch it is launch a trap over there and let it flop off the ledge!

Set up your launchpad right next to the edge of the cliff, and pop a trap right on it. Aim to the other side of the gorge, where the Fryder is crawling around, and let it fly. Once you’ve launched the trap over, the Sweet Fryder should make it’s way into the capture zone, allowing you to secure one sweet boy! If not, just dismantle it and send another over there.

As a warning, you’ll have to aim pretty far to the left of the Fryder. If you don’t, the trap will get pushed off the cliff really fast, and you’ll miss your chance to catch it! Of course, you can try again right after, but… you are on a soft time limit, since this is a daytime-only bugsnak! Try to just launch it to the left while the Bugsnax is climbing down on the right side of the wall.

Wind is coming in future levels, so start getting used to this game’s wacky physics now. You’ll go far by paying attention to where your trap might go! Especially since this game loves it’s lunchpad!

Written by Andrew Smith