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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Perks Guide

Zombies Perks

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War continues the CoD tradition of a Zombie mode. And, like the most recent installments, Zombies just got a bit more complicated! Don’t worry – if you’re just looking for a more modern CoD Zombies mode, it’s still here! But, the new Zombies Perks might be starting to get to you, and they’ve been extremely adventurous this time around! We’ll try to straighten our heads here.

All Zombies Perks List Explained

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has one new perk to unlock in every stage, as well as a new skill tree system. There are six total Zombies perks, including the new one, that you can find by exploring the map and powering things up. We’ve listed each down below:

  • Jugger-Nog is still the durable improvement it always has been. With+50 health it makes you take hits from zombies like a champ.
  • Quick Revive is a good combo with Jugger-Nog, in that you heal to full health 50% faster. It also lets you revive allies 50% faster.
  • Speed Cola is a big increase to reload speed… well if you consider 15% as large. Still good!
  • Stamin-Up increases your run and sprint speed, perfect for running away from a zombie horde as fast as you can.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri gives you aimbot, targeting weak points with pinpoint accuracy, and is a big increase in damage… Especially if you’re bad at aiming, like me!
  • Elemental Pop is brand new! Every bullet has a chance to apply a base Ammo Mod effect. The ammo mods are as follows:
    • Napalm Burst burns normal enemies for 10% of max health over 10 seconds, with an initial burst of 5%. Basically, all zombies have 15% health… at the first upgrade!
    • Dead Wire deals electric damage, which stuns normal enemies. This electric field damages enemies around them.
    • Cryofreeze bullets slow enemies causing them to take more damage.
    • Brain Rot deals “toxic damage” to normal zombies and causes them to be on your side.

Don’t worry, the Skill Tree is not here to make grinding necessary, like adding the ability to jump or whatever. No, the Skill Tree is here to upgrade your perks. You spend Aetherium Crystals (earned by reaching milestones in a Zombies game) to upgrade your perks and ammo mods, giving you more versatility and power. This obviously becomes better the more you learn maps and figure out where perks can be found.

So, good luck against the Zombie Apocalypse!

Written by Andrew Smith