Code Vein Queen Steel | How to upgrade your weapons

Code Vein Queen Steel

Code Vein is a new game released by Bandai Namco at the end of September 2019. Between two bloody fighting sessions, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade your weapons. If so, you’ll need the Code Vein Queen Steel item, which will allow you to upgrade your weapons. Here is everything that you need to know.

Code Vein Queen Steel | How to upgrade your weapons

Code Vein Queen Steel

If you plan to play Code Vein a lot, you’ll want to have the best weapons the game can offer you. You could switch for a better one, but if you have a gun you like, you might just want to upgrade your weapon.

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To do so, you want to find the Code Vein Queen Steel item. There are multiple locations where players can find it: looting enemies, searching chests, meeting NPCs, or simply buying it from merchants. All of these methods will work, but perhaps the easiest way to find Queen Steel in Code Vein is by looting enemies and searching chests.

You may have some difficulties finding it at first, as the drop rate starts out rather low. However, once you have gotten to the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, the drop rate will increase, making things a little bit easier.

Once you’ve got your hand on the sweets, go find Murasame. She will be in your home base next to the big safe with an open door. Visiting her will allow you to upgrade your weapons. Each upgrade will cost you some Haze in addition to the Queen’s steel. The more you upgrade your weapons, the more it will cost you.

If you find yourself short in Haze or Queen Steel, remember that anytime you rest at a Mistle, the enemies of the area will respawn, letting you grind them again and again. Doing this in a zone where you’re comfortable should, if you’re lucky, drop you enough Queen Steel materials to upgrade your weapons.

If you’re not patient enough or find the grind boring, we have some good news: some bosses are guaranteed to drop Queen’s Steel. Specifically, fighting the Invading Executioner and the Blade Bearer will ensure a Code Vein Queen Steel drop.

Written by Andrew Smith